Our Services

Services we provide:

  1. FREE Delivery to your Doorstep.
  2. FREE Installation for direct pipe-in connection to your nearest water point via tubing, up to 5 meters.
  3. Full service warranty for one year against any malfunction defects and malfunctions.
  4. Excellent after sales support and maintenance including replacement of all genuine spare parts and accessories.

Our Water Dispenser:

  1. A High quality product from Korea.
  2. Innovative purification system with 4 high performance filters inside each Hot and Cold Water Dispenser.
  3. Fresher, cleaner, purer, healthier, tastier and goodness in drinking water through advanced purification technology.
  4. Instant piping Hot and refrigerated Icy Cold drinking water on demand without worry of running out of water.
  5. Practical usage and convenient benefit from lightly pressing of faucet levers on the dispenser for water at all times.
  6. Every unit comes with a safety button to unlock hot water to prevent accidental scalds.
  7. Produces Anti-Oxidant Naturally Alkaline water with Nano-PH Alkaline filter.
  8. This extraordinary product will be a true Health Companion for you and your family.
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