Different Types of Water Filters

The water dispenser comes with Optional Filter Systems considering the environment of users. Here are some of the water filters available:

Sediment Filter: Normally works as the first stage filter, it ensures the elimination of dirt, grit, sand, rust and other solid particles from the water. It also gives longer life span to pre-carbon filter that absorbs chlorine, fluoride, undesirable taste and bad odor in water.

Pre-Carbon Filter: Responsible for the elimination of chlorine and dissolved Trihalomethane in water.

Post-Carbon Filter: Responsible for the elimination of undesirable taste, odor and colour in water.

UF Filter: Ultra-filtration membrane is made with Polysulfone forming material and spun with highly integrated techniques. The UF filter has excellent water permeability, and chemical and heat resistance. The UF Filter removes all harmful micro-organisms and bacterial such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Ecoil, Protozoan Cysts etc and maintains useful minerals for good health.

Silver Carbon Filter: Activated Silver-carbon is antibacterial Activated Carbon which is split in drinkable activated carbon. Silver Ion(Ag+) has the strongest Antibacterial working in metal Ions.

TCR Filter: By eliminating odors and compounds of taste and color, it provides clean safe water.

Nano silver membrane filter: Treated at high temperatures, Nano Silver completely blocks the in-flow of germs, heavy metal particles and radioactive materials.

Alka-bio filter: Make alkali & antioxidant water by alkali balls which have a special formation with abundant inorganic minerals such as Coral Sand (shells), Kaoline (powder), calcium, etc.

Nano pH Filter: Product Hydrogen(H) and reduction to rise up Hydrogen ion density improvement of erase function to anti-oxidation by strengthening(-mV) with ORP-Oxidation Reduction Potential. Nano-pH filter : pH 8.0 ~ 10 & ORP – 100 ~ -200mV

De-ionization Filter: This filter treated dissolved mineral salts from water by ion exchange resins and produces a high purity water without scale buildup.

KDF Filter: KDF process media will reduces or removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, magnesium and chromium. At the same time, it may inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

Mineral Filter: This filter removes of harmful Active Oxygen (free radical) and improvement of Antioxidant effect by Vitamin C & E. Excellent FIR (Far Infrared Rays) emission for the activation of our metabolism. Comprise of essential inorganic minerals for good health, safe drinking water by antibacterial & disinfection silver (Ag99.9%).

R.O Membrane Filter: RO Membrane Filter eliminates all pollutants such as heavy metals, virus, bacteria and organic chemicals through stomata with the size of 0.0001μm, which is 1/1,000,000 of the thickness of human hair.

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