About Us

At waterdispenser-sg.com, we pride ourselves in bringing you the Best Quality Water Dispenser in Singapore for you and your loved ones.

Our Water Purification System uses the latest technology from Korea to effectively remove all traces of chlorine, sediments, organic chemicals and bacteria while retaining all essential minerals which are good for the body. Excessive chlorine adds to health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart diseases.

Breaking down clusters of water molecules into the finest possible size, the water is infused with oxygen which is vital for maintaining healthy bodily functions. The more we consume oxygen rich water, the healthier our body.

We strongly believe in the importance of clean and healthy drinking water, as well as the ultimate convenience that adds quality in your lifestyle. Now you can be sure the fresh water that you drink is not only clean but also free from undesirable organisms.

Upgrade your Lifestyle today!

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