Water Dispenser for Home and Office in Singapore

What is a “Water Dispenser” or “Aqua Purifier”, and why do we need them? An aqua purifier is a device that put liquid through a filtration process to remove impurities and contaminants while complimenting with a heating or cooling effect, then dispenses the H2O fluid desirable for drinking. There are many different types of purifiers in the market to suit different lifestyle and needs. The system that comes with it is build differently, from the filtration system, tank capacity, hot or cold temperature, pipe-ins or bottled types, counter-top or free-standing, to the size and design that fits into your kitchen or office. You will discover the benefits of having an aqua purifier, learn its specifications as well as the different type of aqua filters currently available in the market.

3 Reasons Why you need a Direct Pipe-in Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

First and foremost, you get to Experience the Lifestyle of Ultimate Convenience. Imagine having access to purified Hot and Cold drinking water on demand, anytime. The presence of a H2O dispenser provides you the Ultimate Drinking Convenience. No more waiting time for boiling or chilling. Hot temperature is at 80 degree Celsius, the perfect temperature for making coffee and hot drinks. Cold temperature is at 7 degree Celsius, excellent for making chilled beverages.

Secondly, for clean, healthy drinking. In Singapore, generally our H2O is clean and safe for consumption. But, if you’ve ever tried putting a white cloth over your tap, it will turn yellow overtime. Why does it happen? Look at the the piping that leads to your taps. Yes, the problem lies with the pipes, the materials used for the pipe joints and the cleanliness of the pipes. The flow from the tap can be contaminated by the corrosion within the piping itself. And there is no way you can pull out all the pipes to maintain them. With an aqua purifier, the multi-stage filtration system ensures all contamination and impurities are removed from the H2O, leaving it at its purest with essential minerals for healthy consumption. Unlike our competitors, the output transparent liquid leaves no weird smell, with great taste.

Thirdly, for long term cost savings. If you are using bottled type dispenser in your office, you will find that going for a direct pipe-in dispenser is much more worthwhile, if you calculate the dollar and cents over a period of time. With pipe-ins, there is almost no maintenance required, no need to stock up huge bottles in your warehouse, and also no more carrying of heavy bulky bottles.

For Convenience, for Health and for Cost Savings. Upgrade your Lifestyle today by having a direct pipe-in water dispenser in your Home and Office.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle